Hello World!

Welcome, bonvenon! Come in and make yourself comfortable. My name is Jack, and I’ll be your host this evening.

I’d like to talk a bit about who I am, why I’m here, and what I hope to accomplish.

I’m starting this blog because the world is in trouble. Humanity is at a cusp, staring down the barrel of an unprecedented crisis. The Earth is dying, being slowly poisoned by our taking ways. We have only a moment longer to make our choice, to get a grip and amend our society, or face extinction. This is our cusp, and one way or another we will pass through it together. I intend to fight for the right choice. I intend to fight for a better world, a sustainable world, a just world. This is the beginning.

There is more. Western society, with America at the vanguard, has become corrupted by four toxins: greed, apathy, malice, and delusion. The systems that were put in place to free us over two hundred years ago have instead enslaved us. We proles are chained up in a black iron prison, living desperate lives, selling our labor and our bodies to a bourgeoisie that is so far removed from us they can’t even understand us any longer. The white male patriarchy has gathered to itself the vast majority of the world’s wealth and resources, and uses it to insulate themselves from the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, the proletariat suffers. Persons of Color are enslaved — or killed! — by troops of the establishment for minor crimes. Women live under constant assault against their autonomy, their agency, their very humanity. The people we elect to represent us ignore us in favor of their billionaire masters, marching us towards war and ruin while taking shelter in their high castles.

We are living in a lie, and I will not stand for it any longer.

I call myself the Bohemian Paladin. I am a bohemian in that I believe a life dedicated to truth, beauty, freedom, and love is the worthiest life to live. I reject and disdain the materialist conventions that our society is built upon. I will live my life exactly as I see fit no matter how the mainstream may judge me for it. I will be free, or I will be nothing.

I am a paladin in that I serve the Light. The Light is the divine principle, the voice of conscience and compassion that resides within us all. It is the impulse that lets us rise above our animal origins, to choose love and generosity over survival and suspicion. From the Light comes our agency, and with that agency we shape the world. I have dedicated my life to live in the Light — to understand it, to grok it, to infuse myself with it, that I might be a beacon in the darkness for those of like mind.

It is my intention to use this blog for the following purposes: commentary and criticism on politics and social issues; dissemination of knowledge about alternative, sustainable means of living; and discussions of philosophy, reason, faith, and the Light. I will share what teachings I can for the benefit of all, and I will articulate my vision of a better world for all. I am aiming for one essay a week, but there may be more as the spirit moves me.

If that is of interest to you, then I invite you to stay, and join me in common cause. All points of view, presented respectfully, will be welcomed. I ask of you two things: that you remember that this is my house, and comport yourself accordingly; and that if you want to attack my ideas, do so on their logical or ethical merits. Pathos has no place in public discourse.

Thank you for coming. I look forward to getting to know you.

Thou art God.

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