I haven’t finished talking about the Stairway yet, but I’m not in a mood to continue with it right at the moment. But it’s been something like three weeks since my last post, so here’s a little life sign.

The first Democratic debate was a week or so ago. Nobody can decide who “won,” and the debate is taking up a lot of time and energy that could be, I dunno, directed at something relevant. Who the fuck cares who “won” the debate? How do you “win” a debate? Bernie did well, Hillary did well, SNL did it better than both of them, and the other three just don’t matter. Bernie got a boost, Hillary’s pulled back even with him in NH, and by all accounts it’s going to be interesting to watch the two of them maneuver around each other over the next few months. Or, more likely, watch Bernie sail straight and true while Hillary nips at his heels. Meanwhile, look to the gipper-goppers to do something attention-grabbing soon, since the spotlight isn’t really on them at the moment.

And Biden. Oh, Biden. Will he? Won’t he? Meh. Not that he’d be reading this blog, but I’d like to suggest to him that he bow out. What does the invisible VP bring to the table that isn’t already represented by the current slate? Nothing that I can discern. I remember back in 2008, how the conventional wisdom was that Biden would be the “everyman” who would balance out the cerebral Professor President. Well, that didn’t pan out — turns out Obama’s pretty street, and Good Ol’ Joe effectively disappeared for seven straight years. You didn’t do anything, Joe. Please spare us all the inevitable, non-productive muddying of the waters your campaign would generate.

I’m sick to the teeth of American politics, the oligarchy, the ignorance. The insistence that we can just continue as we have been doing, and everything will be fine. People don’t yet grok that the future isn’t going to look like the past, no matter what we do. It’s frustrating, because unpleasant as the idea is, it’s looming. It’s obvious. You can only ignore an elephant for so long before it shits all over your living room.

Bernie Sanders will win the Presidency, but that doesn’t help unless we oust the GOP everywhere, from the halls of Congress all the way down to the school boards. In that sense the 2015 election is just as relevant as the 2016 election, and the 2017 election, and so on. Local offices matter. State offices matter. Vote.

I suppose I don’t have much more to say right now. Summer’s over and everyone’s hunkering down for the winter. We’ll start climbing the Stairway again soon enough.

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