Tip of the hat to Wikileaks for fixing the barn door after the horses have escaped. We now have everything needed, short of a signed confession, to prove that the DNC colluded with the mass media to award the nomination to Hillary. It is documentable that the democratic process was subverted, the voice of the people suppressed. And later this week, they’re going to give her the nomination anyway.

I don’t understand the timing. A month ago, this could have made a difference. Two months ago, it would have changed the entire game. Why wait until now, when the convention starts tomorrow, to stir things up? These revelations, welcome as they are, do nothing now but serve Drumpf and his goose-step march to the White House. It is good that we know the truth; it is always good to know the truth. But it would have done actual, practical good to know the truth so much sooner.

“But Bernie has a plan.” No he doesn’t. They found the one thing they could use to apply pressure to him and they used it: they threatened to pull his membership in the various Congressional Committees he is a part of if he didn’t play ball, so playing ball he is. Never mind that his career is over either way. Never mind that they have no obligation to keep their word. Never mind that, by endorsing her, and by continuing to endorse her even after the recent revelations, he’s given up his integrity — which was all he had. The fix is in, and Her Majesty is doing everything she can do to rub it in our faces. Her VP pick is an affront to the supposed “Progressive values” she’s been “fighting for her entire career,” and her appointment of the twice-cursed, thrice-corrupt Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to her campaign shows the depths of her contempt for those who dared oppose her coronation.

Druid’s First Rule is “nature always wins.” It would seem that this extends to human nature as well. Every man, after all, has a price, even for that which he hopes never to sell. It’s a pity that Bernie’s price was so low.

So exeunt the white knight, stage left. The final moves of the game are being played out, and all that’s left on the board for Team Freedom are the pawns, staring down the shield-wall phalanx of the Philadelphia Police Department. Long odds indeed.

This, then, is how the last vestiges of liberty will die: trampled beneath the boots of the new Brownshirts as they march to the polling places in November. The arrogance of Queen Hillary and her jeering, cronyist court jester have cost this country the only real chance it had to stop Drumpf’s rise. Drumpf, the “strongman.” Drumpf, the con-artist. Drumpf, who seems to have appointed a literal, actual demon to be his running-mate. Meet the new boss, America. More worse than the old one than you can possibly imagine.

A common observation recently has been “Well, if ever you wondered what you would have done if you were living in Germany in the 1930s, now’s a good time to find out.” True as far as it goes, but not especially helpful — because what can we do? Drumpf won the nomination fair and square, and the office of the Presidency has precious few restrictions on who can hold it. On the other end of things … sure we can prove Hillary stole the Democratic primary, but she’s a Clinton, so who cares? Certainly not the DNC, neither Bernie, nor the police or the courts. She thumbed her nose at the rules and, once again, she’s going to get away with it. And it’s going to cost us everything.

I ask this question because I genuinely don’t have an answer this time. We have somehow, against all reason, found ourselves about to be ruled by a man who takes his cues from Adolf Hitler, the yardstick for evil in our times. That we have found ourselves here primarily because of our idiotic electoral system is not relevant to the solution. That his opponent, the only Democrat he can actually beat, got where she is through illicit means is also (apparently) not relevant.

So what do we do? We tried it the “official” way, through voting in the primaries, and that was ineffectual at best and actively harmful at worst. Protests are great for making noise, pissing people off, and earning a lot of folk criminal records, but historically they’ve really changed nothing. So what, armed insurrection? While I wouldn’t rule it out at this point, down that road lies the end of America even more surely than a Drumpf presidency. It will lead to the deaths of tens of millions as the infrastructure our society depends on, fragile as spun glass, shatters out from beneath us.

I don’t like not having answers. But for now, I have none. The system has failed us — it did not give us a voice, it did not give us fairness, it did not give us democracy, and it did not protect us from a tyrant. We may yet be able to secure some change by voting in a progressive Congress, but that depends on a number of factors over which we have no control: the candidates on offer (two, or even only one, establishment candidate in most districts) the legitimacy of the election (questionable) being the most pertinent. More to the point, changing Congress doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to have a fascist for a President, nor does it mitigate his promise to purge the executive branch of all the liberals he can find.

I suppose the possibility still exists that Drumpf is on the Clintons’ payroll. Perhaps that’s the best we can hope for — though a Hillary presidency seems to end with World War III, so “best” is a relative term here. Regardless, the endgame is upon us, our king is in check, and for the first time I don’t see a way to stop the capture.

The tip of the sword wavers, and the knight takes a knee. For a moment, the sun breaks through the clouds, shining upon him. Rejuvenated, he stands, lowers his visor, and charges the enemy.

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