The Why of What I Do, and What I Ask in Return

I’ve been at this a little over a year now.  I started walking the path of the paladin in the middle of summer 2015, and since then I’ve posted once or twice a month on this blog, some more on my public Facebook page, and a bunch more on my personal Facebook.  I’ve posted screeds about morality, detailed explanations as to why I’m voting the way I am, and article upon article displaying the corruption and hypocrisy running rampant in our government and our world.

Why am I doing this, you might wonder.

There are a lot of facets to being a paladin.  Our charge is to fight in the name of the Light against the darkness in the world, to act as protectors, healers, judges, and teachers.  We are meant to be a lighthouse in the storm, to provide a living example of our ideals that others may follow if they wish.

On this front, I confess I have not been wildly successful.

I am a fragile creature, with a fun and interesting buffet of mental disorders.  I have trouble with things like “direct activism” and “gainful employment.”  Speaking my mind and sharing my knowledge, however, come naturally to me.  I have always been something of a preacher, a shaman, an iconoclast, and so this kind of work is playing to my strengths.

I do what I do, I say what I say, and I share what I share because I must do something, and this is what is within my capabilities and skillset.  Yes, I have an agenda, and that agenda is to rid the world of tyranny and lead mankind into a future where all may thrive.  I do my part to show you the things that are going on “out there,” things that your usual media outlets may not be showing you, because I hope that you, too, will be moved to act, to do something, upon seeing them.

I believe in a world without sin.  I believe in a world where we gods and goddesses own our power and use it to create a paradise.  Thou art God, and I am God, and together we are God, and the choices we make and actions we take are the warp and woof from which the world is woven.  I do what I do because I need you all to understand this, to believe it, to make it a part of you and to make your choices accordingly.

I ask for nothing in return, for I am following the only course of action available to me.  I am doing what is needful, and I will continue to do so regardless of the outcome.  If, however, my work has value to you, if I have moved you, if the things I have shown you have angered you, saddened you, or inspired you, then I implore you:  own your power.  Accept your responsibility as God, consider your choices carefully, and act accordingly.

It does no good to be angry, to see the rot and decay in the system, to acknowledge the profound injustices in this world, if you will not act to stop them.  And it’s a hard thing, I know.  It requires you to read, to consider, to weigh the evidence against your hopes, angers, and fears. It requires you to pay attention in the face of endless distraction to the doings of your leaders and their handlers, both in the public eye and in the smoke-filled back rooms.  It requires you to look at a larger picture than yourself and your own microcosm, to consider how your choices may affect not only you and yours, but the whole tribe of humanity and the very Earth that sustains us.  Nevertheless, it is a responsibility you cannot escape — your choices will affect all of those things whether you want them to or not.  God cannot set aside their power.

Own your power.  Question, learn, consider, and then act.  We can have paradise, but only if you choose to take us there.

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