The Last Revelation

“And when the final sunset rolls behind the earth
And the clock is finally dead
I’ll look at you, you’ll look at me
And we’ll cry a lot
But this will be what we said…”

Live, “White, Discussion”

In the Year of our Lord, 2015, a Jewish man from Brooklyn came to us, the People.  He spoke out against the Empire, against hate, against greed.  He preached love, tolerance, and healing.  He unified us, his disciples, and we were legion.  We were great enough in number that the Empire took notice, and was afraid, for this Prophet would surely shatter their false Temple, dethrone their false Queen, and lead the People back to the Light.

So the dark acolytes of the Empire ignored this man.  Mocked him, and his disciples.  They could find no lie, nor falsehood, that would turn his disciples from him, so they brought their vast engine of power to bear.  Voices were silenced, votes were changed, and the dark acolytes filled the airwaves with adulation for their false Queen.  In the end, the Empire was too strong.  They forced our Prophet to capitulate, to bow to the pretender, to sacrifice himself upon her altar.

But the Beast was waiting.  The Beast that the Empire unleashed upon itself.  They believed the Beast to be no more than an effigy to be slain by their false Queen, and treated him as such.  But they did not understand the Beast’s power over the hearts of Men.  The Beast wrapped himself in a flag that once stood for righteousness.  He promised glory and riches to the downtrodden and spread his message of hate from sea to shining sea.

Others tried to take up the fallen mantle of the Prophet, but to no avail.  The Beast that the Empire birthed rose up and devoured the Queen, to the thunderous applause of the People.  Many there were who spoke out against him, but it was for naught; and on this day, the Beast took his place as King.

The Second Coming has passed.  The People chose Evil.  Today begins the Tribulation.

Have no hope for Rapture, friends.  We had our chance; that time has come and gone.  What you did not understand is the Rapture is not for the “chosen,” for no man can be “chosen” over another.  Thou art God, and we ascend to Paradise or fall into Hell together, as one.

It is written that a Judgment will come at the end of the Tribulation.  These are surely the times that try men’s souls, for the voice of Evil has never been so loud.  In truth, the Judgment is upon us now, for it is what we do in the Tribulation that shall define our future.  Paradise is within our reach, and these times are our final test.  When they are done, we will live in the Light, or we will burn in Hell.  And whatever the Judgment shall be, it shall be passed on all of us.

“Look where all this talking got us, baby…”


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