The Garden of Souls

In each of us, there is a garden.

Its soil is the clay of our bodies, given to us by our parents.

It is watered by our Wellspring and warmed by the Light.

When we are born, our garden is a bare plot, devoid of growth — but it is fertile.  Whatever is planted there will grow, and grow, and grow.

From each person we meet, we receive seeds.

These seeds are from what grows in their gardens, handed on to us by words and actions.

We are what grows in our garden.  What grows in our garden is all that we are.

If our Wellspring is toxic, only toxic plants will grow.

All we can do, the only control we have, is shaping, pruning, and weeding our gardens.

What we allow to thrive is what we will reap.

The plants that blossom in our garden will spread their seeds, as they were spread to us.

There is no other way it can be.

Inside you, there is a garden.

Tend to it.

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