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Jack Phoenix is the Bohemian Paladin: servant of the Light, proto-activist, garrulous gadfly, armchair philosopher. He’s the strange man your Physics professor might have warned you about, if you attended MCC in the mid-aughts. He is not classified as human, and uses male pronouns out of habit rather than any particular preference. He fights for the users. Basically he’s just another white boy prole flailing against the system that coddles him at the expense of literally everyone else.

Jack Phoenix, L(ish)G half-Dwarf Rogue 1/Bard (Factotum) 1/Paladin 2. STR 12 DEX 15 CON 9 INT 16 WIS 15 CHA 12. HP 14, AC 15/FF 10/T 15. Mv 20 (Double 60/Run 120). Init +6. Fort +3/Ref +9/Will +5. Lightning Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Perform), Improved Unarmed Strike. BAB +2, melee slam +4/+4, 1d6+1. Sneak attack +1d6, Smite evil 1/day.

The author would like to cite the following works as formative influences:

  • Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein
  • VALIS, by Philip K Dick
  • Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn
  • Fight Club, directed by David Fincher
  • Saracen Chivalry, by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
  • Sandman, by Neil Gaiman
  • World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment

More forthcoming.

The author would also like to name the following individuals as personal heroes and inspirations:

  • Mr Fred Rogers, for demonstrating that love, kindness, and understanding can change the world and move the hardest hearts;
  • Mr Carl Sagan, for showing that science and reason are wondrous and awe-inspiring;
  • Mr Elon Musk, for leading the charge towards transhumanism;
  • President Jimmy Carter, for standing on his principles;
  • President Theodore Roosevelt, for proving that a badass can also be a truly great man;
  • President Barack Obama, for showing grace, class, and wit in the face of evil;
  • Senator Bernie Sanders, for speaking truth to power his entire life;
  • His Holiness, Pope Francis I, for walking the talk;
  • Malala Yousefzai, for her resolve in the face of evil;
  • Mr Jubal Harshaw, for being everything I want to be;
  • Spider Jerusalem, for fighting against hopeless odds until the war was won;
  • O-chul, for teaching the author what it means to be a paladin.

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