Lying is a sin. Thou art God, for good or for ill.  If I am to respect that, then I must respect that your will is your own.  The choices you make are your own.  We make our choices based on our understanding of the Real.  If I tell you lies, I am shaping your […]

The Martyrs of Portland

They were the first to fall. Their names are Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Ricky John Best, and Micah David-Cole Fletcher. They are heroes. They are martyrs. Two of them died, and the third was critically injured, defending two Muslim teens from harassment in Portland, Oregon, widely regarded as one of the most “liberal” cities in the […]


It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been eating, breathing, and shitting progressive politics for almost two straight years. Ever since Bernie declared his candidacy I have been Facebook-activisting as hard as I can. Two years of sharing articles. Two years of reading thinkpieces. Two years of arguing with faceless morons on the […]

The Garden of Souls

In each of us, there is a garden. Its soil is the clay of our bodies, given to us by our parents. It is watered by our Wellspring and warmed by the Light. When we are born, our garden is a bare plot, devoid of growth — but it is fertile.  Whatever is planted there […]

The Last Revelation

“And when the final sunset rolls behind the earth And the clock is finally dead I’ll look at you, you’ll look at me And we’ll cry a lot But this will be what we said…” Live, “White, Discussion” In the Year of our Lord, 2015, a Jewish man from Brooklyn came to us, the People.  […]

Well, That Was Unexpected

I watched the results come in last night in a state of disbelief. I knew that Clinton probably couldn’t beat him fair and square.  I knew that months ago.  What surprised me was that we apparently live in a democracy after all.  Who knew?  If there is a silver lining to the gathering stormclouds, it is […]

The Land of the Free on the Fourth of July

It was a fine summer day this Fourth of July. Balmy, mid-70s, sunny. Perfect weather, really, for a barbecue, or anything else for that matter. Truly a lovely day for celebrating the birth of the self-ascribed “greatest country in the world.” Yeah, you know what’s coming. Nuncle Jack is here and he has some truth […]

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Madame Secretary, By now the shape of this thing should be apparent to you. Your esteemed opponent is surging. He “lost” the first primary by the most razor-thin of margins, and won the second by the largest landslide since JFK. Your lead in the polls in Nevada and nationwide has collapsed. You are constantly […]