The Oregon Situation

In case you missed it, a “militia” of armed white “patriots” has “taken control” of a building in a Federal Wildlife Reserve in southeast Oregon. I use all of these terms loosely — the building was apparently locked and empty, and thus far there has been no real violence. However, the subtext is pretty obvious […]

Darkness cannot drive out darkness

The West has a problem with terror. It’s not that we keep falling victim to terrorist attacks. Not really. From the perspective of attrition, the most successful terror attack in history barely killed enough people to bother commenting on. Three thousand people. A large number only in certain contexts. Every second of every hour of […]

Concerning Paladins

What is a paladin, and why do I call myself one? The origin of the term “paladin” can be found in ancient knightly romances — The Song of Roland, the Arthurian legends, and other tales of valor and chivalry. The original paladins were the companions of Charlemagne; since then, the epithet has come to mean […]