The Difference

What’s the difference between intolerance of hate and intolerance of Islam? Why is it alright to be against racists but not against black people? Why do we say it’s okay to punch Nazis but not okay to punch trans people? The answer is simple — dehumanization. Intolerance of race, religion, gender and sexual identity, neurodivergence, […]

Taxation isn’t Theft

Since the emergence of the species, humans have been coming together for mutual benefit. For as long as there have been people, they have understood that there is safety in numbers. A single person can feed himself, clothe himself, build a rudimentary shelter, take down small game — but if he gets sick, or injured, […]

I’ve Lost My Voice

I can’t write a thought I’m proud of so I’m not saying anything at all.  It’s a sick of the mind, not the body, but it’s still got me quiet.  I expect I’ll shake it eventually, but who knows when. Weighing my options.  Considering a format change.  Watch this space.

America the Beautiful

Right.  I promised an acid-fueled lunatic rant so here goes! This one has been cooking for a while now.  After my last three posts all critical of the America-that-is, I thought it might be a good act of balance to talk about the America I believe in.  Describe what I’m fighting for, what I hope […]

The Case for Philosopher-Kings

Aren’t we in a pickle now. I mean seriously.  There’s no probable outcome of the November elections that looks good for the United States.  Jill Stein, the only candidate with anything resembling a humane platform, is polling at two percent.  This might be because the media are kind of ignoring her the way they did […]

For Love of Country

This Colin Kaepernick thing has got me thinking. Love of country is pernicious. Patriotism all too easily becomes jingoism, a wellspring of delusion that vomits forth such gems as “Damn liberals got us gone soft, nobody’s scared of the US anymore” and “Support the troops!” and “He didn’t stand for the national anthem? Crucify him!” […]


Tip of the hat to Wikileaks for fixing the barn door after the horses have escaped. We now have everything needed, short of a signed confession, to prove that the DNC colluded with the mass media to award the nomination to Hillary. It is documentable that the democratic process was subverted, the voice of the […]

It doesn’t make sense

Two updates in two days. Yeah. Big news. I don’t know what to feel. Am I angry? Am I sad? Am I frustrated? Hungry? (Always hungry.) Dejected, despondent, disillusioned, disgusted. More thesaurus words. In mourning for the world I thought I knew, now that the final delusion that we live in a just world has […]