Social Media

If you’re interested in following me elsewhere, there are a few options:

Due to Facebook’s capitalist, exploitative agenda, as of April 2017 I’m beginning to transition away from there. I have thus far been reasonably impressed with Diaspora* as an alternative — even though it lacks some of the features that make Facebook so helpful (and most of Facebook’s massive audience), its commitment to user privacy and open-source transparency make it a solid option.
This is my public Facebook page. There’s a lot of meme- and article-sharing with a bit of commentary. Posts to this blog will be shared there as well, so if you’d like to keep up with me that’s a good way to do it.
The obligatory Twitter, which you can also track in the sidebar. I’m not the world’s most diligent tweeter, but I do try to keep up. As with Facebook, posts to this blog will be announced there, with the #bohopally hashtag.

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