The Garden of Souls

In each of us, there is a garden. Its soil is the clay of our bodies, given to us by our parents. It is watered by our Wellspring and warmed by the Light. When we are born, our garden is a bare plot, devoid of growth — but it is fertile. ¬†Whatever is planted there […]

The Land of the Free on the Fourth of July

It was a fine summer day this Fourth of July. Balmy, mid-70s, sunny. Perfect weather, really, for a barbecue, or anything else for that matter. Truly a lovely day for celebrating the birth of the self-ascribed “greatest country in the world.” Yeah, you know what’s coming. Nuncle Jack is here and he has some truth […]

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Madame Secretary, By now the shape of this thing should be apparent to you. Your esteemed opponent is surging. He “lost” the first primary by the most razor-thin of margins, and won the second by the largest landslide since JFK. Your lead in the polls in Nevada and nationwide has collapsed. You are constantly […]

I Fear

Tch. Getting my third level of paladin was supposed to make me immune to fear. Yet here we are. I look at the results of the 2015 general election and I feel fear. I look at the subsequent conversations I’ve had with friends and family and I feel fear. I listen to the rhetoric spewed […]

Concerning Paladins

What is a paladin, and why do I call myself one? The origin of the term “paladin” can be found in ancient knightly romances — The Song of Roland, the Arthurian legends, and other tales of valor and chivalry. The original paladins were the companions of Charlemagne; since then, the epithet has come to mean […]